Excellence Redefined!


With all our SUBSIDIARIES we strive to excellence

We build our businesses on three pillars, Nature, People and Product in alle we want to exceed


Always take the best care for nature, reduce waste and use natural prodocts


Always developing people, motivating them to grow and to learn every day.


Making the best product possible. By listening to our customers. Designing one step ahead of the market



ATVISE is the full service online Marketing firm of the Leiden region.

With customers focus on the mid market. Atvise facilitates in
Leadgeneration and ecommerce.

Using all the main marketng channels and building speciliced websites in WordPress and Magento.



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SOLD IN 2016


Started in 2008 with a simple online shop. Build out to the largest B2C shop in designer lights in the Netherlands.

With focus on high quality products the best service in the branch
 and competitive pricing.

In 2016 Sold to a large to a large B2B player in 
the lighting industry to combine the best of both worlds.